Bronx Lab is Hiring!

Bronx Lab School is looking for SUPPORT STAFF!  Come join a family oriented organization dedicated to providing personalized education to urban high school students.

Future School Aids and Support Staff: email to inquire.

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Bronx Lab School is a four-year open-enrollment college preparatory, small public high school within the New York City Department of Education. We are a community of learners that prepares students for success through meaningful work and authentic inquiry across the disciplines. Our staff is committed to knowing each student well and working collaboratively to support the cognitive and social development of all students. Student-centered inquiry is the bedrock of the curriculum and pedagogical approach at Bronx Lab School. In order to promote self-directed learning and to engage students as partners, faculty work from a common set of essential questions to teach critical thinking, deep investigation, meaningful discourse, and frequent and varied demonstrations of learning. Classes are taught with an emphasis on project-based learning, requiring students to work independently and cooperatively with classmates to develop deeper understandings.

Bronx Lab is based on a simple, yet powerful mission: To prepare for college and life, Bronx Lab School students engage in meaningful and contextual academic work, participate in a nurturing community, explore their passions, and learn to value effort as a means to success.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for support staff who are committed to the many layers of work and collaboration required to facilitate authentic inquiry.

Key Expectations

  • Advise a group of 14-16 students based on their academic, social and emotional needs.
  • Build quality relationships with students as both a teacher and advisor to help identify unique student needs.
  • Create classroom structures, routines and procedures to ensure the proper behavior of all students.
  • Establish a classroom culture of high expectations that includes college preparation for all students and holds students accountable when these expectations are not met.
  • Understand and apply effective strategies and best practices to ensure student success.
  • Plan and execute successful project based learning that is engaging, incorporates multiple learning modalities and provide students with authentic learning experiences.
  • Teach students the cognitive skills necessary to develop college and career readiness.
  • Collaborate with fellow teachers to visit each others classrooms and provide feedback, develop curriculum and lesson plans, and adjust lesson plans according to the dynamics of the classroom.
  • Be reflective and think critically about teaching practices and make the changes necessary to support all students.
  • Actively participate in the Bronx Lab community as an educator, mentor and colleague.
  • Engage in a continual process of institutional and culture building, as this is still a young school.
  • Actively engage in a community where respect is expected in all interactions (staff to staff, staff to student, student to staff and student to student) both by acting in a respectful way and by holding others accountable when they do not live up to this standard.
  • Be willing to go above and beyond the job description when necessary to meet all students’ needs.

Professional Development

At Bronx Lab we believe if teachers design curriculum with clarity around standards, differentiation, student choice, assessment, and feedback, then students will have multiple meaningful opportunities to demonstrate proficiency of learning standards and for revision and reassessment.

We are committed to providing our teachers on-going professional development of curriculum design and best teaching practices. Some of our partnerships and instructional supports include:

  • Intervisitations
  • Learning Walks
  • Teacher roundtable reflections
  • Peer Learning Groups
  • Big Picture
  • Here-to-Here
  • College Access for All
  • MMCC
  • Office of College Placement
  • Office of Student Support
  • Mastery Collaborative
  • Facing History
  • ISA & Coaching
  • Consortium & Bronx 8 networks, workshops, and coaching

To apply, email the hiring committee at hiring {at}