Parent Association

Dear Bronx Lab Parents/Guardians:

The mission of the Bronx Lab’s Parent Outreach Committee is to support our School’s Parent Association Board members in their efforts to increase parent involvement. We serve as the school’s representatives for ideas and concerns parents/guardians may want to share. We focus our efforts on encouraging parental participation in all school activities.

An important piece of this puzzle is the involvement of parents/guardians in the decision-making and information sharing that happens within Bronx Lab School. In order to continue improvement of our School Culture, Climate and Community, your input and involvement is needed. Now is the time for you all to make your voices heard and serve as advocates for not only your child, but also the entire student body. We hold monthly meetings and annual gatherings in our school where we will discuss issues related to the development and behavior of our children. It is critical that you engage in such activities, as it is a good way to modify or correct an issue with which you are not pleased. You will also be invited to celebrate the academic achievements of your children. Together we are a force capable of doing everything that we dream for the benefit of our children and the community.

Did you know that you are automatically a member of the School’s Parent Association? This membership carries many privileges. You can:

  • Advise staff in the development and implementation of local program policies, activities, and services;
  • Plan, conduct, and participate in informal as well as formal programs and activities for parents and staff; and
  • Participate in the recruitment and screening of Bronx Lab employees within established guidelines.

You are valued and needed, you have an important voice, and your involvement makes a difference for your child.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns:

Parent Outreach Committee c/o Brittney Wilson, Parent Coordinator: